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Mark Gomez Headshot BRCC

5 X World Champion



Primary Location:


Lake Havasu City, Arizona USA


Fullerton, California USA



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Who's This Dude?!

A freerider to start, Mark won his debut amateur contest in 2009, then dedicated his next six years of riding to win this first of three IFWA Pro Freeride World Titles. Pro Freeride competitions are a judged surf contest, with two riders battling man to man in the surf. Judging is 50% on surfriding in the waves and 50% Jumps (FMX.)

Along the way Mark was adopted into a racing team trained and won the 2011 AM Ski Lites class world title.

In 2015 Mark won his first IFWA world tour after competing in 5 countries. Since then, he continued to compete on the tour winning the following two more years (2015-2017) and being the runner up in 2018.

Mark also adapted and took on riding flatwater freestyle contest held in the middle of race events he participated in. 

Freestyle is a two minute judged competition riding light weight, high performance watercraft capable of multiple big air tricks off of its own wake. In between chasing the freeride world titles, Mark won the US National Championship in 2016, Won his first Pro Freestyle World title in 2017 and is the 2019 & 2020 runner up.

Mark married his wife Kaley in 2019, one week after the world championship, backflipping into the wedding on his jetski and his wife coming in on her wake boat. The two have built their life together and made Lake Havasu City, Arizona their home. Mark continues to train for freestyle events while offering personalized coaching sessions, private freestyle jetski shows for venues, repairing watercraft, and generating action content on the water. 

   Mark dedicated himself to pursuing a privateer jetski career in 2008 during his senior year at Troy High School. Wrestling for four years is what instilled drive and work ethic. He also got a job working to learn at a mom and pop jetski shop, which built the foundation to support his passion and he never looked back.

Stunt Work (Film & Television)


TNT TV Show “Animal Kingdom” (2021) S5/E13

  •  Jetski “Groms” Background and water police distraction

  •  Coordinator: Charlie Croughwell

“Hot Water” Independent Movie (2020 Release)

  • Stunt double for lead actor “Billy Burnett” Glenn McCuen Backflips in swimming pool wearing T-Rex costume

  • Appeared as myself to lend the actor my own freestyle jetski

  • Coordinator: Clay Cullen / Larry Rippenkroeger

Oliver Tree “Cash Machine” Music Video (2019)

  •  Jetski stunt double for Oliver Tree

  •  Jetski Yellow Robber character

Charli XCX “2099” Music Video (2019)

  •  Jetski Stunt Coordinator

  •  Stunt double for Troye Sivan

Crep Protect Video Ad (2019)

●  Produced and performed for UK based Company Crep Protect

“Rob Riggles Ski Master Academy” (2018)
S1/E7 Sony Crackle TV Show

  • “The Condor” stunt double Freestyle jetski for actress Britt Baron

  • Coordinator: Vladamir Tevlovski

TNT TV Show “Animal Kingdom” (2017) S2/E9

  • Jetski tricks stunt double for actor Jake Weary

  • Coordinator: Charlie Croughwell

Dreamworks Movie “I Am Number Four” (2011)

  • Character in film riding stand up jetski with main actor Alex Pettyfer

  • Coordinator: Clay Cullen

Adidas National TV Commercial (2010)

  • Jetski in small pool stunt double for Ken Jeong (Slim Chin)

  • Coordinator: Sean Graham

 (Click on Titles for Video Links)

Stunt Performer Emplyoment

Live Shows & Experience

 (Click on Titles for Video Links)

“Wet & Wild” daily shows

Florida State Fair, Tampa (2022)

● Contracted by Bello Nock
● 36 Shows in 12 days


“Private Performances For Zenyara Estate”
Coachella, California (2018-2022)

  •  Independent contractor to provide performances

  •  Performance with Hydro-Flight Pilot

  •  Performed for private parties at the compound

“Cirque Electrique” nightly summer shows

 SeaWorld, San Diego, CA (2018- 2019)

● Contracted by World Entertainment Services
● Provided and coordinated equipment, performers,

scheduling, training & maintenance
● 95% show fulfillment rate of daily shows in first


“Waterworld Live Stunt Show”

Universal Studios Hollywood, CA (2011-2018)

● Jetski Stunt performer - #7 “Smoker” villain character

● Jetsking, towing water skier, coordinated chase pattern, swimmer recovery from PWC

● Fighting with weapon and high fall into Airbag

● Firearms, CPR and first aid training

“Wild West Stunt Show”
Knott’s Berry Farm Buena Park, CA (2014)

● Lead role cowboy “Elmo”
● Live mic scripted and situational improvisation

● Stunt fights, high falls and firearm operation

“H2X Bell Aqua Ranch” live shows
Calgary Stampede, Canada (2013)

● Coordinated 3 Jetski freestyle riders, transportation, equipment to perform daily shows for 12 days

“Jet Stunt Extreme”

SeaWorld Gold Coast, Australia (2013)

● Stand up Jetski specialist performer, Superjet Role

● Jetski tricks, ramp jump, platform slides, racing & audience interaction
● Coordinated boat driving, hydro-flight jetpack operation and jetski maintenance

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