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Pro Freestyle Jetski Shows

 (Click on Titles for Video Links)

Stunt Work (Film & Television)


TNT TV Show “Animal Kingdom” (2021) S5/E13

  •  Jetski “Groms” Background and water police distraction

  •  Coordinator: Charlie Croughwell

“Hot Water” Independent Movie (2020 Release)

  • Stunt double for lead actor “Billy Burnett” Glenn McCuen Backflips in swimming pool wearing T-Rex costume

  • Appeared as myself to lend the actor my own freestyle jetski

  • Coordinator: Clay Cullen / Larry Rippenkroeger

Oliver Tree “Cash Machine” Music Video (2019)

  •  Jetski stunt double for Oliver Tree

  •  Jetski Yellow Robber character

Charli XCX “2099” Music Video (2019)

  •  Jetski Stunt Coordinator

  •  Stunt double for Troye Sivan

Crep Protect Video Ad (2019)

●  Produced and performed for UK based Company Crep Protect

“Rob Riggles Ski Master Academy” (2018)
S1/E7 Sony Crackle TV Show

  • “The Condor” stunt double Freestyle jetski for actress Britt Baron

  • Coordinator: Vladamir Tevlovski

TNT TV Show “Animal Kingdom” (2017) S2/E9

  • Jetski tricks stunt double for actor Jake Weary

  • Coordinator: Charlie Croughwell

Dreamworks Movie “I Am Number Four” (2011)

  • Character in film riding stand up jetski with main actor Alex Pettyfer

  • Coordinator: Clay Cullen

Adidas National TV Commercial (2010)

  • Jetski in small pool stunt double for Ken Jeong (Slim Chin)

  • Coordinator: Sean Graham

 (Click on Titles for Video Links)

Stunt Performer Emplyoment

Live Shows & Experience

“Wet & Wild” daily shows

Florida State Fair, Tampa (2022)

● Contracted by Bello Nock
● 36 Shows in 12 days


“Private Performances For Zenyara Estate”
Coachella, California (2018-2022)

  •  Independent contractor to provide performances

  •  Performance with Hydro-Flight Pilot

  •  Performed for private parties at the compound

“Cirque Electrique” nightly summer shows

 SeaWorld, San Diego, CA (2018- 2019)

● Contracted by World Entertainment Services
● Provided and coordinated equipment, performers,

scheduling, training & maintenance
● 95% show fulfillment rate of daily shows in first


“Waterworld Live Stunt Show”

Universal Studios Hollywood, CA (2011-2018)

● Jetski Stunt performer - #7 “Smoker” villain character

● Jetsking, towing water skier, coordinated chase pattern, swimmer recovery from PWC

● Fighting with weapon and high fall into Airbag

● Firearms, CPR and first aid training

“Wild West Stunt Show”
Knott’s Berry Farm Buena Park, CA (2014)

● Lead role cowboy “Elmo”
● Live mic scripted and situational improvisation

● Stunt fights, high falls and firearm operation

“H2X Bell Aqua Ranch” live shows
Calgary Stampede, Canada (2013)

● Coordinated 3 Jetski freestyle riders, transportation, equipment to perform daily shows for 12 days

“Jet Stunt Extreme”

SeaWorld Gold Coast, Australia (2013)

● Stand up Jetski specialist performer, Superjet Role

● Jetski tricks, ramp jump, platform slides, racing & audience interaction
● Coordinated boat driving, hydro-flight jetpack operation and jetski maintenance

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